Is it spring yet? Yes!

Happy first day of spring! It’s my favourite season because plants and trees are like quiet companions we didn’t know we had. So many people have talked about the positive effect that plants of all kinds have on their mental health; that gardening is therapeutic, and sometimes “gardening saved my life”.

My favourite spring time flowers are snowdrops, crocuses, and daffodils. I love watching the tree buds swell on the trees, and digging in my thawed out compost.

The last weeks of winter can be tough, sometimes even months. Many people feel the gloomy and downright heavy feels of winter, so when the days start to feel warmer, the sun greets us sooner, and we see our first green burst through the soil, it’s like a sigh of relief.

Spring has arrived!

What I have started indoors (from seed): broccoli, onion, peas, kale, petunias, tomatoes, yarrow, and peppers. Outside I have planted some gladiola bulbs, dug up some beds, started a hugelkultur bed, and started mulching some of my existing plants.

Fun fact: I succeed with outdoor plants, but I’m useless at houseplants.

My go-to IG accounts for gardening: @compostfairyy, @gardeningandbeats, @newkootenaygirl, and @urbangardeningcanada.

Are you stoked for the season? What do you love about spring? What’s growing in your garden?

In love and compost,



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