Seed starting: containers

My grandparents always kept everything they had ever accumulated. Growing up in war times it makes perfect sense to do that. Because I grew up in different times, I never understood why they held on to old things, why they didn’t just get new ones. But I very much get it now (because I am wiser…ha!).

I like using what I already have, and in any way I can achieve that, I will. I don’t want to spend money on trays and pots and soil, so I try and make do or make my own. Purchasing soil in plastic bags at the store is such a strange concept; “I’m going to the store to buy soil!” You can make excellent high-quality soil at home – just start composting! Yes, it is that easy. Side note: most store-bought soil contains peat, and if you’ve ever researched peat extraction, you’ll know it is a very damaging practice.

For pots I use egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, and I fold my own newspaper pots. You can also use paper towel rolls, and any plastic cups you have on hand (just poke holes in the bottom). What I like most about the egg cartons, rolls, and newspaper pots (aside from them being cheap or free), is that I can plant them right where I want them. When I am ready to transplant my seedlings, I can see the roots growing through the newspaper; I simply dig a hole, and place the pot where I want it. Paper and cardboard products will just decompose into the soil; just don’t use anything glossy or printed.

Moisten your soil before putting it into your pots and before seeds go in. This will prevent the seed from sliding down and the soil from “sinking”, or compacting.

I show you how to use these materials on my IG page @zerojourney, including a newspaper pot folding tutorial. Hop on over and say hi!

Have you tried any of these materials? What do you like/dislike about them? What do you prefer to use?

In love and compost,




  1. Good advice as always, Nadine. Joseph makes his own seed pots out of newspaper and they work well. The toilet paper roll looks like it would be really sturdy and could even be cut in half. I’ll run that idea by him as we are already looking at our seeds in order to get started soon.

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