Yes, but why blog about it?!

A place where I can share my journey to zero-waste: the frustrations, challenges, and successes that come along for the ride.  A place to network with others who have started and are maintaining the same journey, to share resources, and to get that much needed support when you can’t find it in your closest circles!  My hope is to inspire someone to change one thing, just as it started for me five years ago.

So, what, you think you’re going to save the world or something?!

In short: yes!

My Zero Journey started in 2013.  After watching “The Clean Bin Project” documentary, I was blindsided by the obvious problem that is waste.  Starting with my own habits, I slowly started to change my lifestyle habits to force waste out of my life.  If I can inspire just one person to change their thinking – mission accomplished.

Some say it’s fun…

Not gonna lie!  Zero-Wasting is not only a great movement and our responsibility to our planet, but it’s actually a fun and pretty hobby with all the diy and creativity and resourcefulness that happens.  I also dig compost.  Get it?  I dig it.

I’m sorry, who are you?

A German living in Canada.  I am an educator, not just in the classroom, but also with a non-profit environmental organization.  I love nature and exploring it with my family and friends.  I live my environmental responsibility and hope others will too.  I enjoy reading, writing, gardening, talking (I mean, come on), dancing, hiking, plain ol’ walking, and laughing.  I love where I live, surrounded by mountains, rivers, forests, and a never-ending sky.


  1. Hey there!
    I remember you from elementary school years ago. Love your writing! What an outstanding individual you have become, I hope you inspire many!


    • Well, if this is the Hans I remember from Grade 4 (?) then that is pretty dang cool you stumble across my blog after decades! Thanks so much for reading and leaving a friendly comment :). A very cool surprise!


      • Yep it’s me! We’ve owned an acreage for 2 yrs now and are learning a lot about homesteading/self-sustainability. People really need to start growing more food and creating energy independently. To become stronger, the system needs to become decentralized in a big way. Right now most people rely so heavily on centralized sources for food, power, money and then they waste sooooo much of it. And what happens if those services are not available one day. The hub and spoke design is weak! What we need bad is a mesh network of farmers and recyclers globaly. I won’t let this turn into a rant , but I do want to say your doing good work and I’m inspired! It was kinda funny I was having a conversation about learning recorder in elementary and your name popped into my head (probably because you were best in class as far as I remember) then I Googled your name (lol sorry if that’s weird but hey look what I found!) I realy hope to travel to Germany soon, I feel the urge to explore my heritage and learn the language.

        Merry Christmas!


  2. Also German, but now again returned to Barcelona. Just spent the past 7 years in Thailand, which changed me completely. I started with Zero waste and Mindfulness, hence that’s when I started with this blog in 2016…. I accidentally landed in Higher Education and loved it! Now, back in Barcelona, preparing and hosting Dharma Sessions with my Bangkok Sangha, as many people struggle with the current situation. Having let go of so many unnecessary things in life, I don’t need a full-time job to sustain myself. Hope to be able to move to a farm soon, away from the city and the noise.


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