All the bloggin’ ladies, all the bloggin’ ladies!

One major reason I love blogging, and being relatively active on social media is because it has connected me with some incredible people, mostly women!  There are amazingly talented, ambitious, witty women out there doing good things for our planet.  They re-motivate, refocus, and re-inspire me.

I’m not sure why the blogs or IG pages I have come across have been mostly by women, but when I find an environmental blogger, I typically have a look at whom they have promoted or whom they follow; this often leads me to other inspiring women.

I’d like to share some of my favourite bloggers/IG pages with you, and how I was able to connect with them, or just get very inspired (not listed in order of favouritism, and this list is also not limited to five).

1) thegreenmum: she had me at pancakes.  She’s a teacher, mum, and eco-blogger, which fits me right on all counts.  She has amazing ideas, is generally awesome, and is always up for a laugh.

2) The Zero-Waste Chef: forget cookbooks and Pinterest, because Anne-Marie is all I need!  She is tremendously resourceful, witty, and keeps it simple, just as zero-waste should be.

3) babystepstozerowaste: this rockin’ mama is getting her whole family on board with zero-waste living.  Shopping, cooking, parenting, this mama is eco-ing out and I love it.

4) The Green Walnuts: this food and cake-loving, outdoor chick, has perspective and ambition.  I love her enthusiasm for all things nature, and how she uses this connection with the Earth to live with more intention and less impact.

5) allyouneedisloveinthekootenays: this magnificent maker is not only a long-time friend, but also a strong, incredibly giving, and resourceful woman.  She has made huge strides towards plastic-free living, and is a great resource for cloth diapers, cooking, preserving, and buying local.

Who are your favourites?  Who gives you a daily dose of environmental inspiration?  Please share, so I can find even more sources to connect with!


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, you are very kind. I am hugely motivated and inspired by you in person and also through your writing. I look forward to reading your next pieces!!!


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