feat. the Zero Waste Chef

Last month I began featuring bloggers or individuals whom I have come across in my zero journey that have given me something, whether a recipe, positive comment, or any kind of inspiration.  I want to focus on the positive change happening across the globe in environmental awareness, education, and activism.  I want to commend those who act positive change because they are the hope that we need and every bit they do and we do together will make a difference.

Introducing Anne Marie from The Zero-Waste Chef  , blogging from the San Francisco Bay Area.  To sum it up, this blog is everything I need in a food blog!  Everything from recipes, shopping, and tips, to cookware, book recommendations, and more; all wrapped up in a beautiful zero-waste, plastic-free, sustainable package.  She is so incredibly resourceful and I have used her blog for numerous things; chocolate syrup and sour cream to name two (bye bye, store-bought nonsense).

Why I heart The Zero-Waste Chef:

  • endless resources in all things food, kitchen, and more (and to cut out the processed crap), geared toward eco-warriors
  • simple steps to go zero-waste or plastic-free in regards to shopping and cooking
  • her sense of humour, wit, and common sense perspective are fun to read
  • many options, tips, and recipes to phase out store-bought, over-packaged (and processed) nonsense
  • she hosts webinars, teaches workshops, has produce bag sewing sessions, and with all of her other obligations she still blogs and is surprisingly easy to get a hold of on social media!

What is also cool is that her daughter blogs as the Plastic-Free Chef.  A great way to reduce your trash impact is to start in the kitchen, namely with food; not just packaging, but food waste.  Gain some insight into how our food is grown (or not grown and presented to us as food).  The Zero-Waste Chef can help you with so many things regarding these topics.  Easy and entertaining to read – she makes it totally doable.  So, thanks, Anne Marie, for greening the crap out of our meal prep!  If you have a food or kitchen question – Anne Marie will likely have a witty or simplified answer for you.

Need inspiration?  Visit The Zero-Waste Chef!

Anne Marie: Eco-Warrior!



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