World Environment Day

There seems to be a day for everything!  World Water Day, International Compost Day, Earth Day, Buy Nothing Day, Crab Apple Tree Day (probably!), so sure enough it is easy to get confused because I didn’t even know that World Environment Day is on June 5!

How is that different from Earth Day?  I DON’T KNOW.  *googles it*.  I still don’t know!  But – WHO CARES?  The point is, there are SO many chances for you to get involved with loving the planet just a little bit more and preserving our beautifully vital environment.

Every day you have choices.  And I’m not talking about what to wear or what you should eat for breakfast (although BOTH could totally be environmental choices; i.e. sustainable fabrics and plastic-free breakfasts?!).  I am talking about choosing to help or do harm.

What’s on the radar recently?  Plastic pollution.  FINALLY.  If you’re out of the loop, just do an internet search for plastic pollution and accept the fact that you are, too, to blame for the crisis we are facing in regards to plastic pollution.  And so am I!  I haven’t lived plastic-free all my life.  It wasn’t even something we considered some years ago.  I was under the impression that recycling was the answer to everything.  I was under the impression that when you recycled something, like a yogurt container, it would just be turned back into a new yogurt container!  So naive…

What can I do, you ask?  Oh, there is so much you can change to lessen your use of plastic!  Here are a few ideas:

  • REFUSE it.  If it’s the only option – refuse it.  Refuse it loudly and proudly.  If you give in to buy it anyway, you are not helping the situation.
  • REPLACE it.  If plastic is prevalent in your life, start changing one thing at a time to a more sustainable alternative; i.e. stop buying bottled water and fill a reusable water bottle at the tap instead (tap water here is way more regulated than bottled water companies, yo)
  • REUSE it.  Reusing plastic is better than recycling it.  And if you can’t reuse it – refuse it.

You’re being too vague, Nadine!  Give me specific things I can change.

Alright!  I like your attitude.

  • refuse plastic straws; use your mouth or get a sustainable option (bamboo, glass, paper)
  • refuse plastic bags; take cloth bags to the store with you, and remember: you do not need to put your damn produce in a damn flimsy plastic bag!
  • refuse plastic bottles; use a reusable bottle instead
  • refuse to-go cups; use a travel mug for your hot bevvies
  • refuse plastic cutlery; bring your own, or get take out and eat it at home
  • refuse plastic wrappers; make your own snacks, or buy in bulk
  • refuse plastic diapers; use cloth diapers (omg they are so much more reliable)
  • understand that plastic comes from fossil fuels, and our overuse of those are completely unsustainable and horrendous to our environment
  • take part in a challenge; good motivation, like Plastic Free July
  • find inspiration in others; find your zero-waste, plastic-free, eco-warrior tribe and practice your battle chants
  • donate to a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting our land, water, biodiversity, and ecosystems
  • celebrate your efforts and change one more thing

HAPPY WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY!  And don’t forget to compost!

What green tips would you give to others on this day?  Has your focus been avoiding plastic?  Saving water?  Moving to electric alternatives?

Here I am hugging a large tree.


  1. Great post! After reading Plastic Free by Beth Terry I am trying my best to avoid plastics in my daily life 🙂 Thanks for sharing these tips (and happy World Environment Day!)
    -Jenna ❤
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