Mend it May

Fashion Revolution Week has ended. Did you take part? Will you keep calling out companies to ask them #whomademyclothes? In recent years, thanks to documentaries like True Cost, and people thinking, “Hmm…I wonder about this,” the fast fashion industry is finally in a much needed spotlight.

In true fast fashion, we tend to avoid preventative measures, and basic human decency, and wait for a disaster like a factory collapsing and killing over one thousand people to change our perspective on that cute three dollar top.

But it seems more of us are saying “NAY” to the current fashion industry, and demanding companies enforce ethical practices, from fair wages, healthy work environments, to how resources are grown or discarded. At the moment it is horrendous and unsustainable.

A big contributor to the fast fashion craze, is our disposable mindset. We buy more than we need, we shop consumer-driven instead of consciously, and some clothes we wear once and discard them!  I say HUMBUG to that!

There are many garments we already have that can be turned into something else, if the initial style or purpose is no longer serving you.  I had a good look at my closet a few months ago and noticed several items that were just folded and sitting there; they no longer served a purpose because I wasn’t wearing them.  So why wasn’t I wearing them?  Some had a couple of holes in the arms, some I did not like how it fit, and some were boohoo too tight.

I am not a seamstress.  But I have adept friends, and also put the call out on social media to help me with some items I wanted to extend the life of before getting rid of them.  What’s that wonderful phrase? Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

This is how that looked in my closet:

Exhibit A: the skirt that was just too tight was altered to have a stretchy top


Exhibit B: the tunic whose style did not suit my body type was altered into a skirt


Exhibit C: the cotton dress whose seams were unraveling were amateurishly fixed by me with mismatching thread 🙂


Exhibit D: the second hand cloth diapers that were losing their elasticity were fixed by replacing elastics and closures


This is what winning feels like.

What have you mended to make last? Or what other changes have you made to combat the fast fashion industry?



  1. I can barely sew a button on but at the moment I have a huge bag full of holey socks which I intended to repair, a favourite fleece which just needs a replacement zip which I’m going to have to pass to my sister-in-law to do amongst other things!


  2. Giiiiirrrlll, as you know I enjoy clothes. I have resorted to MOST of my shop sprees at second hand (gleaners, Salvation Army, hospital auxiliary), and if it doesn’t fit, I makes it. Self taught, my seamstress levels are sub par, alas my clothes fit me just right. Thank goodness cropped dress pants are in style for work… apparently I had a growth spurt in my 30’s… You continue to inspire. I’ll try to keep trucking along and be more aware of our planet … thanks to you!


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