Our 1000 hours outside…

Okay, so we made it to 706, but it’s still a huge accomplishment and here are the highlights:

We spent more time outside than ever. A challenge often motivates me, and especially one that takes place outdoors and gets my creative side activated! Sometimes I enjoy a competition, so this was an extra driving point.

We felt the days we were not outside; sometimes the weather does not cooperate, or sometimes the day just runs away on you. I found that behaviour was much more regulated (for kids AND parent) when we had outside time. The days we did not go outside I was more irritated, less balanced, and the house was a mess (this was a funny bonus – the more time you spend outside, the less time the inside has a chance to get messy HA!)

We got creative! Winter picnics, cookie hikes, hot chocolate walks, pyjama walks – we got creative with what we could do outside. When the weather was enjoyable, we would take our meals outside, and our drawing and weaving and reading. Turns out, most of the stuff you do indoors can be done outdoors!

We became part of a fun community of like-minded folks, also feeding off each other’s ideas and motivating each other. Seeing what other families were up to outside was an extra push to try something new and fun.

This year we are fired up for another go at one thousand hours outside.

Did you participate in 1000 Hours Outside? What did you find? Are you participating again this year?


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