If I had a million dollars…

What has been consuming my mind this year is how messed up our system is for so many different reasons. But the one that is infuriating me the most is how million and billionaires are hoarding resources, and that a handful of families have literal billions or trillions, and the rest of us are…

struggling to make ends meet


relying on the food bank and market coupons

relying on food recovery programs

losing jobs

requiring financial aid

struggling more with physical and mental health due to various stressors

excluded from opportunities and programs

I do not understand nor accept it. In our system, humans believe that one is greater than another. That one human is somehow superior to another human.

But we are all the same. We all live on Earth. We are all humans. We breathe, feel, experience, grow, and change. And yet our stories are immensely different. Because at some point someone decided that this will be the way. This is progress. This is the way forward. But it has led to…


hate and violence

environmental destruction (exponentially more in vulnerable communities)

vulnerable populations

a demographic that has everything vs a demographic that has nothing

unattainable goals

inconceivable ignorance


Sometimes I dream about what it would be like to be in that handful. And how great it would be to share all those resources with everyone else. It’s hard to imagine going up against it all. So, while I don’t have THE answer, I can share with you some things that I am doing, or am willing to do, to feel like I am doing something

donate time, money, knowledge, or resources

political involvement (voting, petitions, protests, phone calls, emails, letters)

support local farmers

support local small businesses

“boycotting” companies, products, and/or services

becoming more self-sufficient: growing food, harvesting water, saving seeds, composting, using what I already have, making my own products, repairing and mending

focusing on the Rs: refuse, reduce

living within my means

What’s on your mind lately? How do you cope with big topics like this? Do you get active or do you retreat? What are your thoughts on this topic?

Photo credit: Sigmund via Unsplash

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