top ways to help the environment

  1. ditch single-use plastics
  2. use reusables
  3. shop package-free
  4. conserve water
  5. wait a minute…
  1. demand and pressure your governments to take action
  2. register to vote and vote for candidates that value protecting the environment
  3. join peaceful protests to protect old-growth/climate action/etc
  4. sign petitions, writer letters, make phone calls, use social media in an active way
  5. hold large corporations responsible, and lower the demand
  6. wealth tax for million/billionaires hoarding resources
  7. demand fossil fuel companies stop receiving subsidies and bail-outs


We have been focusing so much on what we as individuals can do to help the environment – and by all means, I don’t think we should stop! Keep reducing our plastic use, keep conserving water, keep managing our food in a way that is sustainable, but…

The problem is our system and who sits at the top. I know, it’s vague, but think about this…

Big companies run the show. It’s about money, which in turn means power (it shouldn’t, but that’s our system). And the companies doing the most damage to our environment? Oil and gas, of course; Chevron, Shell, BP, and ExxonMobil to name a few.

These companies are worth billions (never mind the shareholders), receive subsidies and bail-outs (say what, government?), and basically don’t care about what happens to our planet for future generations. Remember recently when the Gulf of Mexico was literally on fire? An underwater pipeline burst (gee, didn’t see that coming), courtesy of Pemex. Can we stop pretending like we are the only living things that matter on this earth; like we are somehow separate from all other life-systems?

I’m not saying we all need to be riding a horse and buggy by TOMORROW (horses terrify me anyway). But we certainly do need to diversify NOW. Like everything else in life – everything in moderation. We have been conditioned under this system to think a certain way, to expect certain things, and to simply say, “This is the way it is”. But it’s bullshit because we are just too comfortable (at what cost).

Recently we saw a “big-ass truck” riding down the road with a bumper sticker: I support pipelines because my truck doesn’t run on unicorn piss. Ooff. Alright. Well, I don’t think we need to start mining unicorn urine just yet, but let’s all agree that “big-ass trucks” aren’t the ONLY way to get around. It’s a choice, and that choice requires oil and gas.

And this will never change if we don’t decrease the demand. And it won’t change fast enough unless our governments get involved.

I have only recently begun using my political voice because I learned that in order to stand up for the things I believe in, I have to get political. That’s the system. And you are represented by it.

So, if that doesn’t sit right with you – use your voice. Use YOUR voice and try and move something. Some people get loud and physically go protest. Some people tie themselves to trees, or form human chains, or paint signs and join others in a march. Some people regularly register to vote, and question the voting system. Some people make phone calls, or write letters, or otherwise seek out their representatives to demand change.

For years I complained about these things. I would do what I could myself, and I would try to encourage and support friends and family to change their perspective. But it wasn’t until THIS YEAR that I made my first phone call to our Premier John Horgan.

Our system is in complete imbalance.

So, what do you value? And what would you do for it? And what have you done for it?

Photo credit: Alex Motoc via Unsplash

This post was inspired by my friend: briplanet

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