An open letter to Premier John Horgan

To Premier John Horgan,

It is not surprising to me that when I ask someone to share a memory of a specific tree, they immediately have one in mind; maybe they had a special climbing tree as a child, maybe there is a tree at the viewpoint of their favourite hike, or maybe it makes them think of home – because here in British Columbia, home is where the trees are.

I don’t need to tell you the stats because you already know. You know what you are allowing logging companies to do to our old-growth forests. You know the role that old-growth forests play in climate change. You know that trees are more valuable in the ground. You know that we live in a democracy, and that Canadians do not support your actions against old-growth. You know they are a spiritual symbol, a beacon of British Columbia, and an irreplaceable, finite resource.

So, as an intelligent man who knows the aforementioned – what on Earth are you trying to do?

Do you recall your vow to adopt all 14 recommendations by panel members? Do you recall your own words spoken: “This means recognizing that forests are unique, irreplaceable and complicated ecosystems. That they have their own intrinsic value and that we should prioritize their overall ecosystem health, rather than just the value of standing timber.” These changes do not need to take years to implement. Unless you already signed away this irreplaceable resource.

Your broken promises, and lack of action, have led to democracy screaming at you: actions speak louder than words. And it is now far beyond just protecting the forests. You are now condoning police violence against land defenders. You are condoning male officers ripping women off their feet, illegal exclusion zones, and arrests of peaceful protesters. The images that are out there are disturbing. What is more disturbing is your stamp of approval.

Land defenders are doing just that – defending the trees that cannot win against your dollar machines. And by your earlier statement – you are on the side of land defenders. And yet…

On behalf of the land defenders – John Horgan, you need to stop this. On behalf of the trees – John Horgan, you need to stop this. On behalf of our climate and ecosystems – John Horgan, you need to stop this. On behalf of future generations – John Horgan, you need to stop this.

This is not my B.C.

Consider us all the Lorax, warning you, the Once-ler, to stop robbing the world of our Truffula trees.


A very concerned British Columbian

Local logging. The old-growth destruction is happening NOW at Fairy Creek.


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