Support local – the year that billionaires made more money and the rest of us suffered.

It’s the end of 2020 – we made it? We really had to slow down this year, so I am surprised that it whizzed by.

It’s been a bitch of year, no? Shit is hitting the fan everywhere, and not all of it is a bad thing. But we should all be angry about a lot of things. Hopefully we can channel that anger into motivation to do something. Let’s do a system overhaul. If only I could snap my fingers.

One thing that really stood out to me this year, while thousands of people lost their jobs, couldn’t afford to stockpile groceries, and relied on the (little chunk of) money that the government doesn’t have, the wealthy were, and are, still making profit, and corporations were receiving bail-outs to pay their wealthy shareholders. Amazon even reported a 40% revenue GAIN. Can we all just pause for a second and think about how messed up that is?

Meanwhile, small businesses had no choice but to shut their doors, family businesses closed, non-profit organizations (that are the heart of communities) are struggling, people are losing their jobs, being pushed into poverty, and are left struggling to provide for themselves. People are hoarding supplies, while other people do not have the financial means to hoard supplies and are left standing in front of empty shelves.

And yet. Our economic model is ensuring that billionaires (even trillionaires) make a profit while the rest of us pay the hefty price (tax season 2021, here we come).

Do I have an answer? No. But some things we can do, is slow down and use less. Our system will not change overnight, but we don’t have to do nothing.

We can invest in our communities. How do we do that? We can support small, independent businesses, instead of the big-wigs. We can support local farmers, and grow our own food. We can donate money or supplies to local charities, non-profits, or community programs and organizations. We can volunteer. Consume less. We can use less resources, and help our planet heal.

Small, yet important steps. In the name of inequality, and massive unfair wealth and resource distribution, let’s do something.

Hugging a tree, also always important.




  1. This sentiment needs to be everywhere- I’m not seeing this message enough. What really gets under my skin is how Amazon cut affiliate commission rates drastically year which further unstabilized many people’s livelihoods as well. Their greed knows no bounds.

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  2. Beautiful post and so true! Your post hits the nail on its head. I think this situation more than ever makes me stay away from anything that’s related to multinationals. I myself got burned out through the system and changed our lifestyle many years ago. I no longer want to be part of this rat race.


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