farmers’ markets

I need to rave about our local farmers’ markets for a minute.  I am so incredibly grateful they exist – the farmers, ranchers, artisans, make me so very proud to live in the Kootenays.  In fact, one of my favourite things in any year is our growing season, and what can be found at our local markets.

I have heard some individuals complain about the prices at farmers’ markets, but to me it comes down to values.  Yes, I will pay extra at our farmers’ markets, and here is why:

1) supporting local means you are supporting the local economy.  Time, resources, and family passion are behind these businesses.  By supporting farmers’ markets, I support families that share my values, and together we support our community.

2) supporting farmers means you are supporting food sustainability.  Now more than ever we are learning why local farmers are vital to food sustainability, and our access to healthy food.

3) supporting local food means you are supporting a healthier environment.  The fact is that our local food does not have to travel far to get onto our plates.  It takes no planes, cargo ships, or other lengthy truck hauls.  Less emissions, less necessity to store and chill the food for transport.  Just last week I drove to a farm myself to buy greens, berries, etc.

4) supporting community.  I don’t know about you, but I love that the vendors/farmers I am loyal to – remember me.  They talk to my kids, they greet me from afar with a smile, they even hug me when they haven’t seen me for a long time.  They remember conversations we have had in the past, and how I like to shop (plastic-free).  Can’t say anyone at the Superstore does that.

5) community pride.  Any time I visit the farmers’ markets, makers’ markets, winter markets, local farms, or other, I am astounded at the local talent and passion we have.  We have incredible people here in the Kootenays.

And, to me, it comes down to values.  All the things listed above, I value.  Our society spends so much money on so many useless things.  So instead of the useless things that mean nothing to me – I will invest in local business whose values align with mine.

Are you local to any of these markets?  See you there!

Nelson farmers’ market: Wednesdays & Saturdays 9-2

Creston farmers’ market: Saturdays 9-1

Cranbrook farmers’ market: Saturdays 9-1

Kimberley farmers’ market: Thursday evenings 5-7:30

Invermere farmers’ market: Saturdays 9-1

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Nadine. Every dollar we spend at locally owned and operated outlets means the money circulates in our community at least 3 times. With a large corporation based elsewhere, we don’t get that.

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