Plastic Free July 2020

Hello, all!  It’s that time of year again when we pack up our stainless steel straws, to-go cutlery, cloth totes, and go enjoy the sunshine in the endless summer activities that await us…

Except.  It’s raining.  And there’s a pandemic.  Umm…

OK, so PFJ may look a little different this year.  I don’t know what restrictions look like in your region (please feel free to share below), but here things are still loosening up, business as not usual.  I am still not allowed to take reusable containers anywhere, save Fullfill in Kimberley, which is really hurting my zero-waste game, nor reusable cups.

If you are unfamiliar to Plastic Free July… WELCOME!  This challenge began several years ago because a group of people realized that plastic waste was wreaking havoc on our natural world.  PFJ was born: a challenge to go one month without producing plastic waste.  Think you can do it?

It can be daunting to some, especially if you are new to waste reduction.  But fear not, there are two ways to participate.  You can refuse the main culprits: plastic straws, bags, bottles, and to-go cups; or you can go all-in and refuse all plastic waste for July.  Sign up on their website and see what challenges and successes you gain!  You will also receive tips and resources via email, and perhaps something in you will ignite.

This year I challenged five friends to participate – because it’s always more fun with others.  So many of my friends and family have made many sustainable swaps over the past few years – I am mega proud of them, and it feels good to be part of such a positive movement.  Come join the millions of other global citizens practicing their environmental responsibility.

I will be sharing my own tips and resources along the way, mostly based in the Kootenays, and mainly on my Instagram account.  I have participated in this challenge four or five times now – here is last year’s result, and here is another PFJ post I like.

Good luck, everyone!  Have you signed up yet?

Aahh… nostalgia…




  1. I’m always late to the game on these things but I’m definitely checking it out! This is a great idea!!


  2. My family uses a lot of paper towels. We do buy the ones that are split-a-size (half sheets) but would like to do more. Do you have any recommendations for re usable paper towel ? Thanks.


    • We have not purchased paper towels in over five years. We use dish rags, cloth wipes and towels, and get on just fine without paper.


  3. I have taken up the plastic Free Challenge too. Not quite business as usual in that I’m not doing all the small trips to shops where I would have got refills etc but I’m doing OK. This year my aim is to reduce the prewrapped snacks and biscuits etc – they add a huge plastic load to my bin and find other things we can make quick and easily for the children to have.


    • That’s great! So glad you joined up. Certainly isn’t the same for me this year either. Our bulk shops/aisles are still closed, so I am refusing a lot of items. I am trying to make more things myself, like yogurt.

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