There I was scrolling through Instagram, and I was hit with an infograph that floored me. Apparently if we are happy that the environment is taking a breather right now… that makes us eco-fascists.

I was floored because that is one hell of a statement to make. An unnecessary one.

Right now is a crazy time. We are all affected on a global scale, and we are all at risk; some of us at much greater risk than others. Every day we receive worrying news, and every day the measures governments are taking to slow the spread are changing. Many of us are staying home more. Some of us are staying home for anything but essentials. Some of us have no choice but to stay home.

Things are slowing down. Businesses are closing. Services are being limited. And everything is becoming unpredictable.

But there is something else happening. Something good.

Air pollution is down. Carbon emissions are down. Waterways are clearing. Nature is being left alone for a moment.

And because I think that is good for the environment that now makes me an eco-fascist?

Let me say this:

Is it OK for me to be happy about better air quality? Yes. Is it OK for me to be happy about a healthier atmosphere? Yes. Is it OK for me to be happy about clean water? Yes.

Does that mean I am happy that the reason for nature’s breather is because people are suffering? No! Of course not! I am a fear-ridden parent that worries for her children. I am worried for my grandmother, my parents, and my friends, and the world! I feel nothing but sadness and compassion for those who are suffering the most around the world, and those who have lost someone.

But if I am able to find some hope in this insane time, then that is a good thing. I don’t need to be panicked and losing my shit twenty four hours a day because of all this, just to “prove” my compassion. I can take pause and feel joy about birds swimming in a canal. I am allowed to want normalcy, hope, and something good.

That doesn’t make me an eco-fascist. It makes me human. We are allowed to continue to feel joy from things that always brought us joy. We don’t need to feel nothing but fear and sadness.

We need to support each other, in any way we can. Because we are all in this. And if an airplane-free, clear blue sky caused you to smile today, then I am happy you were able to do that. I am happy that you could escape the fear for just one moment, and briefly return to normalcy.



  1. Great post, Nadine. The thing about name calling is that it’s probably all that person has to respond with. Nothing eloquent, factual or thought provoking. Consider the source. Let it go.


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