Save the world, Chrissy Teigen!

As a mama who hears all the mama you’ve been through – I adore you.  And the world adores your family.  And mamas everywhere applaud you for sharing your challenges and experiences.  This post isn’t about that.  It’s about the, sometimes hellish, act of DIAPERING; cue the crying and distraction toys!

For a while now, you and your family have been the adorable faces of Pampers.  We see the happy bum changes, and hear all the reasons why you choose Pampers above all else, and how you are involved with the company.

I wanted to share an alternative with you.  From mama to mama.  From a mama who has felt the frustration of plastic diapers, and then made a switch that made all the difference…

How about instead of plastic Pampers, you endorse the amazing original bum savior: the cloth diaper!  Because, hear me out, Chrissy…

You love the cute prints…

All you really need to do is do an internet search for cloth diaper brands and you will be bombarded with the CUTEST PRINTS ON EARTH!  Seriously.  Unicorns, whales, sloths, rainbows… even llamas!  You could design prints for a cloth diaper brand… and all the mamas would FLOCK!  Jus’ sayin’…


You want materials made for a sensitive baby bum…

Most cloth diaper brands share the same values: natural materials for our cherished tiny humans.  From organic cotton and hemp to bamboo and wool – cloth diapers have got you covered.  As a cloth mama, my baby’s rashes reduced SIGNIFICANTLY with cloth diapers.  And reusable wipes made of organic flannel are the softest, most wonderful thing to ever clean a poopy butt; a simple solution of warm water, baby soap, and coconut oil does a much better job than stinky single-use wipes that always seem to leave a residue.  Also, where you will use FIVE single-use wipes to clean a poo butt, you’ll use ONE reusable cloth (unless… of course… it’s really bad.  Then you might want to use two…*shudder*).


You want performance and quality…

When my babe was about four months old, and solely breastfed, we chose Pampers for air travel and our first holiday.  Of course, as you know, four month olds have pretty gross poos.  Unpredictable poos.  The kind of poos that show up in nightmares!  Well, I, too, was a Pampers kid, so I chose them for the trip.  I have never experienced so many blow-outs in my life (the BABY had never experienced… you know what I mean): in one flight I had to change four outfits and one blanket; it left me incredibly frustrated.  During our whole holiday I experienced leaks and blow-outs every other day, no matter which way I fastened the Pampers; I even tried two other disposable brands with the same outcome.

My babe is now almost one and a half (cloth diapered since one month old), and I can count on one hand how many blow-outs I have had with reusable cloth diapers.  WHAT!  RIGHT?!

Pampers calls itself the “trusted brand that is used by over 25 million babies and toddlers every day”…

OKAY, LET’S THINK ABOUT THAT MATH FOR A SECOND.  A baby needs at least six diapers per day.  That’s 42 diapers per week.  168 diapers per month.  Over 2000 diapers per year.  MULTIPLIED BY 25 MILLION BABIES?!  I feel faint.

As parents, we love our babies more than anything – an indescribable love.  Yet with the amount of disposable diapers we are tossing into the landfills every week – THAT is what we are leaving our children.  Piles of non-biodegradable, methane-producing, plastic diapers.  We must not accept that.


Upfront, disposable diapers may sound like a good idea.  Pampers have a suggested retail price of about $12 (the larger boxes of 100 or more are typically around $20 or more).  However, your baby will likely need over 150 diapers per month, so you can see how that will add up quite quickly for at least 12 months your baby will wear them.  And if you can potty train a one year old to save that cost – we need to chat!

Most cloth diaper brands are reasonably priced, considering the amount of use you get out of them.  Second hand cloth diapers are even better.  The best part is you only buy them once, and you can use them for more than one baby.  Same goes for wipes.  You will very likely spend over $500 for one year of disposable diapers and wipes, and that is a low estimate.  A cloth diaper stash will cost half of that, or less if you’re thrifty.  It’s a valuable choice for ALL moms.

What I am saying…

Cloth diapers are the cute, reliable, affordable, and sensitive sustainable alternative to single-use diapers.  So, dear Chrissy, you would be a mommin’ rockstar if you became the first celeb to promote cloth.  I’m asking you to save the world!  Save the world one blow-out at a time!


Read Pampers’ article welcoming Chrissy here.

For more on cloth diapering, like the HOWs, and more WHYs, read here and here.




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