World Cleanup Day 2018

Who else had never heard of World Cleanup Day before?  Who else was SUPER EXCITED to find out such a day existed?  Me on both counts!

Recently, I was ECOSIA-ING (move over, Google.  Oh, you’ve never heard of Ecosia?  OH, I’m SO glad you’re here) environmental days to get my thinking juices flowing on what kind of challenge I could throw at you next, and I discovered WORLD CLEANUP DAY!  And if Bea Johnson is going to participate, then SO AM I (OK, I would have done it anyway)!

What I neglected to do is to give you ample heads up to get psyched for this ultra awesome challenge for World Cleanup Day.  Either way, I hope you participated.  Here is what happened for the #detrashthekootenays challenge:

On Saturday, September 15th, my plan was to pick up as many pieces of trash as I had Instagram followers.  At the time of the challenge, that number was 416.  I got this idea from Rob Greenfield, who had recently picked up as many pieces of trash as followers he and Kathryn Kellogg accrued over two days; my follower number is a heck of a lot smaller than theirs, so I thought it was totally doable.

I challenged YOU to do the same.

On Saturday morning I packed up baby in the chariot, had my sister as the pusher, and prepped a garbage bag and glove.  Our route was 2nd St. all the way to the farmers’ market.


It had been raining over the past week, so I got a little icked over my glove getting wet and seeping through, but then I thought… hey… worth it!  By the time we reached the middle school, we had over 416 pieces of garbage.  We kept picking up obvious pieces on the path all the way into town, but stopped counting after 416.  I’d say we easily gathered 500.

What I noticed from picking up small and large pieces of trash was that the highest percentage of trash was in the form of cigarette butts, and plastic straws (or other small plastic pieces); I could do another trash pick up on cigarette butts alone – they were EVERYWHERE, and it’s UNACCEPTABLE!



The cleanest spot was the Fire Hall; thanks, Fire Department, for keeping it clean!


At the end of it we were sweating and hungry, so we had a beverage at Soulfood because they do not use plastic straws or paper napkins and are awesome for many other reasons.  Then we hit up the market, stocked up on package-free veggies and fruit, and walked back home.  Success!  *It would be even more of a success if next time we couldn’t even collect 416 pieces of trash!  Make sustainable choices and #detrashthekootenays!*

What did you do on World Cleanup Day?  If you missed it, will you participate next year?


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