The #spring10x10 challenge

Have you heard of this challenge?  I found it on Instagram through leevosburgh and thought A’RIGHT I’LL GIVE IT A GO (did anyone else read that in a British accent?)!  Nothing like a good challenge to get you motivated; did someone say Plastic Free July?!

Why I took part: I have written several posts about fast fashion and what I think of our current fashion industry.  I have significantly reduced my shopping habits since 2008, and am a much more conscious chooser (if that can be a word now) if I need a new item of clothing; not just because it’s on sale or free.  The fashion industry is ridiculously wasteful; unethical use of resources, unethical treatment of garment workers, and unethical lifespan and discard of our garments.

What this challenge means to me: It’s a good way to get creative with my wardrobe using only ten pieces for ten days.  When I expand the versatility of my clothes, I will get much more life out of them, and of course I will need less.  When choosing a new piece, it will get me thinking how I can wear and combine it; timeless instead of trendy.

Why my challenge won’t excite you: WELL, UMM, ‘CAUSE IT’S A MOM WARDROBE.  OK, that phrase irritates me (“I got a MOM haircut” – no you didn’t – it’s just a haircut), but what I mean is that my wardrobe has to be accessible, so that was a main factor in choosing my ten pieces.  Also, it’s still winter in the Kootenays, so my footwear is warm and practical vs. trendy, and my outerwear the same.

My epiphany: Not too long ago I wrote a post about my hefty closet; I have a lot of clothes, but I wear every piece, so I never reduced it to a minimalist wardrobe (which I don’t think I would do anyway).  Well, friends, that is about to change.  After taking part in this challenge I thought… this needs to change!  I need my wardrobe to reflect my values because at this point… well, you would still find a lot of synthetics and Made in (somewhere that does not treat their workers or the environment right).

HENCEFORTH… I am rehoming my clothes and will now try to always source my clothes from individuals or companies that have sustainable practices.  I will also do my best to obtain these clothes locally, or as close to as I can.  I have already found someone in Nelson, BC, that designs, cuts, and sews her pieces and uses sustainable materials.

The Challenge:

My 10×10 pieces:

  • 1 skinny jeans
  • 1 black leggings
  • 1 green skirt
  • 1 blue tee
  • 1 floral tunic
  • 1 black tank
  • 1 blue blouse
  • 1 denim blouse
  • 1 winter boots
  • 1 active jacket

My looks: casual and comfortable.  Typically, I would pair these with a scarf or necklace, but since I’m moming it, it’s a bit more plain.

Did you take part in this challenge?  I’d love to see your combinations!



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