10 reasons to start composting

It’s Earth Month!

If you haven’t done so already, you should start composting!  Here are some reasons why I think you should *wink*:

  1.  It’s fun!
  2. You will reduce your household waste by over 30%
  3. You will help preserve the life span of your local landfill
  4. You will help reduce the amount of methane gas produced by organic waste in landfills
  5. You will provide a home for millions! … of microorganisms, that is!  And they’ll be soooo happy to munch on your leftovers
  6. You will produce your own AMAZING fertilizer
  7. It will inspire you!  No, seriously!  Composting was my first step towards reducing my household waste and then it just spiraled me into striving for zero-waste living.  Now it’s OUTTA CONTROL!  In a good way…
  8. It will make you happy, scientifically speaking
  9. You won’t have to water as often; compost soil retains moisture better
  10. It is all around good for the environment to practice sustainability in the form of compost, and to encourage natural cycles; and what’s good for the environment is good for YOU! *claps* *takes a bow*

Need some tips to get started?  See my Compost Like a Boss post, my Compost Workshop post, or just send me a question.  I have a regular backyard compost at my house and was a compost educator as part of Wildsight.  I learned so much about compost, and got to share my knowledge and passion (that’s right – you can feel THAT good about composting) not only with my own classes (I’m a teacher), but also with local schools, and other organizations.

Check out these happy plants fertilized with compost:



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