feat. the Rogue Ginger

Recently I decided to feature bloggers or individuals whom I have come across in my zero journey that have given me something, whether that was a recipe, a positive comment, or any kind of inspiration or motivation.  I want to focus on the positive change happening across the globe in environmental awareness, education, and activism.  I want to commend those who act out positive change instead of just talking about it because they are the hope that I seek!

My first feature is Erin from the Rogue Ginger.  She is a blogger based in Australia and I visit her site often.  Activism, reviews, zero waste, plastic free, research, and broad topics – it’s all there.

Why I heart the Rogue Ginger:

  • she’s a GINGER and so am I!  As if that’s my first reason.  It’s not.  I just like pointing it out because we are rare… and just ever so awesome 😉
  • she has many useful DIYs for plastic-free living; I have referred to her make-up section often, most recently for her lip and cheek stain using beets
  • her zero waste efforts in her wedding were dope
  • RESOURCES; mostly for AU, but very useful in listing local and online eco-friendly businesses, brands, and organizations
  • inspiration: she gives me new things to think about, and try, such as upcycling ideas, gardening, and DIY projects
  • she’s a mama and, damn it, she gets bonus points for that #strongasamother

This girl is for real and she is living the change she wants to see.  Her site is filled with resources and plastic-free alternatives that are easy to achieve TODAY.  Erin is such a strong woman and it makes me smile knowing she is out there living her passion and spreading environmental education in an inspiring and achievable way.  Thanks, Erin, for making our planet greener and for being the motivation I have needed so many times.

Need inspiration?  Go visit the Rogue Ginger.

Erin – Eco Warrior!

One comment

  1. I come from a ginger family. I think long curly ginger hair is tbe most beautiful and something to be proud of. Sadly mine is just a dull brown sort of colour.


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