check-in on your goals

It is almost the third month of 2018; can you friggin’ believe it?  I am looking forward to spring.  In recent weeks it has been blistering cold here, windy and snowy.  Today was looking a bit more springish; the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and our temperatures are inching their way towards zero again… in the good way!

Aahh, that’s better…

Though I love that seasons and cycles do their thang, the cold does sometimes prevent you from achieving goals!  I do not mind taking myself out in -15 or colder (it was -25 last week…yick…), but when the babe is involved I would rather keep her indoors until it warms up!

Last month I wrote a post about my goals for this year.  It is important to keep track of your progress; when you set achievable goals and you continue to self-reflect on those, you will set yourself up for success.  And, dang it, that feels good!

One of my goals was to MOVE.  Specifically, move in nature.  I love nature and I really want my child to love it too as she grows up.  The more we are connected to nature, the more we respect it.  The more we respect it, the more inclined we are to protect it.  My goal was to get outdoors at least ten minutes per day.  It may sound simple enough, but you can surprise yourself how many excuses you make up to not do it – especially when the weather is not as favourable as could be.

Cold, but not too cold…

I also set myself some exemptions to be realistic: if it is colder than -10 I would not take baby outside, and if we were ill I would pick and choose days and times based on weather conditions.  I did have to “use” my exemptions, as there were several days that were just too cold, too snowy, and one illness got in the way as well.  Aside from that, there was only one day we missed!  I feel good about that.

One wonderful thing came out of this.  My friend Allison (check out her crafty blog Allie’s Adventures in...) set a similar goal this year, so we are going to be enjoying many more nature walks together with the babes.  Win!

It is so important to get yourself immersed in nature.  More research is being done about how nature affects our whole being, especially children.  From personal experiences, others’ experiences, and research, I have found that nature grounds and calms.  Stress has such a negative impact on our whole being, and daily experiences with nature can help you counteract that stress.  I don’t know about you… but I know any time I am away from the sights and sounds of any city, near trees or bodies of water, I feel myself immediately collecting new perspective and calming down.  Hearing a bird call, seeing wildflowers bloom, or touching a warm rock – such simple things do incredible things for the soul, don’t you think?

Seeking wildflowers on a nature walk in May 2016

So let’s do a check-in with you!  How are you handling your 2018 goals so far?  And how do you connect with nature?

Stay tuned for a check-in of my other goal: refuse.


  1. Beauty blog post :), thanks for the mention, and glad that our goals have aligned! It’s good to have check ins. Hope to get out for a walk with you girls again soon!


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