diy baby wipes

Soon enough you may notice I am getting into a blogging pattern…in that new life has joined our family so what is relevant to me now is how to ZW with a baby and how seemingly impossible it is to be completely plastic or waste free!  But, as always, there are better alternatives to what you are offered in the store, branded as being essential to raising your baby and claiming they are the only option.  Not so, Huggies!

In the first weeks of baby’s life we did use disposable diapers and baby wipes.  Bah!  We were overwhelmed with the mental demand of a newborn, so we decided to help our mental well-being by adding some convenient products into our lives.  I wasn’t happy about it, but I made peace with it because I wanted anything to be easier, and to me that meant not adding extra laundry onto my already overloaded plate.  Fortunately, we did not need this wasteful convenience long.

We are now fully using cloth diapers, and I have made a wash solution to phase out those wicked wasteful wipes (yes, I will continue to point out my alliteration wins).

  • 1-2 cups of warm water
  • 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid Castile soap
  • optional: essential oil; I use 10ish drops of lavender oil

Combine all ingredients and stir until coconut oil has dissolved.  Some people use paper towels to soak in this solution, but to me those are super wasteful, so instead I use washcloths – good old fashioned washcloths!  I found a plastic tub/container, stacked 10 or so washcloths in it, poured the solution over the top, and closed the container.  Done.  Since I launder my cloth diapers anyway, the washcloths jump in with them.

Baby’s skin is happy with the solution and has not shown any sort of reaction.  I find the packaged wipes to be quite wet, so I really like this DIY solution in that it leaves the washcloths damp instead of wet, and they are not as cold!  Gets the cleaning job done without the extra waste.



  1. Have you had any issues with mold or anything? I like the idea of a wet cloth wipe but the thought of remembering to go rinse them in the sink before hand? Not going to happen.


    • No issues with mold. I have about 12-15 washcloths in the container and pour the solution over it so they all get moistened. As I change baby, I toss the wipes into the wet bag with the cloth diapers and they get washed together – no rinse necessary.


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