ZW moving?

A recent house move is really tripping up my Plastic Free July efforts!  We have just moved into our first “home” and with it came not only a heatwave of 36+ degrees, my father selling his home at the same time, and endless stair stepping with an 8 month pregnant belly, but also so much waste.  It was overwhelming to pack up, move out, and unpack, and of course this job is so far from over!

As we were moving I felt there was no way for me to control what I was throwing away or getting rid of.  It just kept reminding me that we never truly know how much useless crap we have until we have to move it all and sort through it.

Now, to be fair to myself here, we were moving things that had been accumulated by two people over a 30+ year life span, and I did not start becoming aware of my wasteful impact on the planet until about four years ago.  You can imagine just how much stuff we had to sift through and get rid of, especially since my dad was moving at the same time!  He still had things from us at his house from our first years of life!  Of course, since we have a wee one on the way I ended up keeping a lot of those things, but there were still large donation, recycle, and trash piles despite my efforts.

It was difficult.  Not just the physical aspect of moving in the heat and with limitations, but just seeing our impact.  Our two person impact forever on the planet.  Though I cannot change what I have previously accumulated, I can change it for the future.  I can change what I bring into our home, what I say yes to, and what I refuse.  I can reevaluate what we need vs. what we want.  I can borrow, mend and make last, or buy second hand.

Have you moved house/city/or even country while involved in this lifestyle?  How did you manage the waste?  Did you take extra steps to combat your impact?

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4 thoughts on “ZW moving?

  1. I’ve always moved using repurposed boxes that I got from businesses that had already used them for shipping something…or sometimes from friends who had already used them for moving…and then I’ve kept the best boxes for storage in my new home. I actually used sturdy cardboard boxes (from frozen French fries) as my bookcases and filing cabinet for my first decade of adult life.

    The thing that really helped me reduce waste when moving locally was, oddly enough, having a share in a community-sponsored agriculture farm: Because we received a crate of fresh vegetables every week, we couldn’t excuse buying take-away day after day while we were busy moving, because we needed to use those vegetables! So we kept the kitchen in the old place set up until we were ready to pack and move it all in one day and set up our new kitchen. We saved a lot of money this way but also threw away a lot less food packaging.


    • Wow, that veggie business sounds amazing! We did get boxes from businesses, and luckily I found a family on a local buy/swap page that were moving so I passed along the boxes. We still ended up with lots of trash, which made me sad, but hopefully we won’t have to move for a long time!


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