a poem

sweet child, as yours and the life of the world unfold
take great care for the world is much darker than you were told

not all fairytales rainbows and happy ever afters
or unicorns and books that give you all the answers

there are people in this world much unlike you and me
who move for power, breathe for greed unlike anything you can believe to see

but that is them and you are you
no one can take from your heart what is true

your voice will be much bigger, bigger than you can believe
and your voice and her voice and his voice and their voice
will make the difference in what you can achieve

sweet child, you have a choice what path you want to lead
you need not be consumed by the hopelessness they feed

gasp at the rainbow
stare at the raven
watch the pearl drops on the leaves glow

gaze at the mountains
follow the river
draw out the range like you are surrounded

listen for the birds
smile at the wind
smell the Ponderosa
taste the spring

and when the first snow glides early in the morning of your 30th year
stop and smile and remember you are here



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