Food frenzy

Zero waste, DIY, minimalism often go hand in hand.  If you want to reduce your household waste, you are going to have to start making some things yourself.  Packaging can be a nightmare, and not everything is recyclable; side note: recycling is not our best option.  Avoid packaging and garbage – make it yourself from bulk/unpackaged items.  If you want to reduce your household waste, you are gradually going to gel more with simplicity and minimalism because you are bringing less stuff into your home and making conscious decisions when purchasing items.

Generally, I frown upon all things plastic.  You can only recycle plastic once or twice before it becomes such frail quality that it will be discarded in the trash regardless.  And there it will remain until the end of time, seeping into our groundwater and ecosystems, left to pollute every corner of the earth forever; ahem, also likely to be re-ingested by us at some point.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I would really rather like to avoid such a man-made catastrophe.  So I do my part.  Every day.  Because it is my environmental responsibility.  And it is yours too.  Help a girl out, won’t you?  What was my point?  Ah yes, refusing packaging!

I just spent three weeks visiting with my Oma who, in the summer, decided to renew her passport and travel to Canada once more; she has not been here for fourteen years, so it was a big deal!  Now that I am teaching a full-time class, my time was divvied between school and Oma.  There was not a lot of time left over for my DIY extravaganzas.  But then Oma left this week *sad face* and I used part of my weekend to DIY the shit out of everything.  Perhaps to cope with my sadness of her departure!

We do not waste food in our house.  We do everything we can to avoid food waste: not buying more than we need at the store, not purchasing something just because it is on sale, making large batches of food, freezing, drying, baking, cooking, you name it.  It is quite the guilt-fest if we ever find a hidden something in the fridge that has spoiled.  It does not happen often.  But to avoid food waste requires our effort.

This weekend I made refried beans, whole wheat bread, chocolate syrup, apple bread, honey garlic sauce, chili, and I had a spare ten minutes and made ketchup.  Go ME!

The most satisfying thing about this creating extravaganza: no waste produced.  The second most satisfying thing about this creating extravaganza: using up food that was on the verge of spoiling.  The third most satisfying thing about this creating extravaganza: just to prove to myself I can.  Oh, and a many bonus: it was friggin’ delicious.

Take the time.  Make conscious decisions.  Take responsibility.

What are your favourite go-to recipes in your ZW lifestyle?  What have you not been able to find package-free?



  1. Love the title :). Thanks for the inspiration! It is easy to get bogged down with commitments and become “too busy” to make your own things, but not only does it feel good emotionally I find it also keeps me healthier too! Way to go!


    • Healthier for sure, and you know exactly what ingredients are going into your food! Speaking of making stuff… I’m almost out of salsa and it’s heartbreaking!


  2. I am super not coordinated in the kitchen, nor do I have a lot of access to one because of my living situation. I always say that this is my current largest struggle point when it comes to zero waste. Most of our waste really comes from our food and its packaging. When I manage to get access to a kitchen and cook, my favorite easy snack is popcorn. I am obsessed with popcorn,


    • I was never really into cooking, baking, and creating until I changed my lifestyle to zero-waste, and a general more eco-conscious outlook. That changed everything!


  3. Making bread is very rewarding and definitely tasty! I have a go at sourdough every now and then – I get some starter from a friend if I don’t have one going, or use yeast – which I haven’t found package free yet. I made pesto recently wtih broad beans, garlic, mint, oil and nuts and it was really good! Especially with homemade bread.


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