ermahgerd it’s uuuurrrrrt!

It is the moment we have all been waiting for, folks!  Well, at least all of us at the Zero Waste Bloggers Network have.  With the coordination and leadership of Inge, we have finally published our Zero Waster’s Travel Companion, stock full of zero waste information for different cities around the world.  Get yours!

This was a great project idea from the start.  I love writing, and I loved writing for my hometown of Cranbrook, B.C.; we have limited options for zero waste, however, the options we do have have saved me from BIG time trash production!  I simply had to highlight the green-ness that we have to offer.

My summer was full of travel this year.  First, I went to Vancouver Island and Seattle with my sister for just under two weeks; the whole time I thought… I WISH I had access to ZW information for other places so I can continue to live eco-consciously on the road.  In July and August I also flew to England and Germany, and had the same thoughts; how great would it be to know the bulk shopping spots, and support local cafes/shops that follow an eco-conscious model.  Now that problem is solved!

The second edition of our Travel Companion will be in the works soon, so if you want to write for your own city, just contact us through our website or Facebook; there is ALWAYS room for more passionate tree-huggers like you to spread the word of zero-waste, and to highlight businesses in your hometown that offer conscious alternatives.

Love it!

So excited!

Check it out!




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