How to Respond to Zero-Waste Naysayers

I enjoy reading Zero Waste Chef, and this is yet another post I must share because of the multiple connections I have to her words. Every single thing on earth is connected and part of the same cycle, do everything we do, however small it may seem, will and does make a difference.

Zero-Waste Chef

Perhaps you’ve taken the Plastic Free July challenge. You’ve banned plastic wrap in your home, started carrying your reusable water bottle everywhere and maybe you’ve learned how to make yogurt. You feel very excited about your progress (as you should)! Then your friends and family criticize you and burst your bubble. Sound familiar?

“You don’t make a difference.”

Well, if nothing else, I have made a difference in my own life. I don’t eat processed food. I eat more delicious and healthier food. I get sick way less often. My kids know how to cook—a valuable life skill. I am happy. No, I can’t save the world, but I have had friends, neighbors and followers on social media tell me they have adopted some of my habits. Beth Terry’s blog influenced me and my daughter when MK found it in 2011. Imagine all the people she has encouraged to change…

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