Iced coffee

We were spoiled at times on the island and in Seattle with fresh seafood, locally made cheeses, and delicious orchard fruits, but I felt a bit like roughin’ it during our camping nights with cold chili on repeat, peanut butter on toast at breakfast, and when one shared apricot was a luxury.  Since being home I have spoiled myself with hot meals and cold drinks.  Though it was raining and chilly when I got to my front door, the days have been warming up with the sun beating down on us like she’s angry.

Our culture loves coffee.  MUST HAVE JAVA.  Every day!  Every way!  I have friends who take lattes on hikes.  Now, coffee is indeed delicious, and summer brings with it the craving for blended coffee drinks.  These can be found everywhere, not just at chain cafes, but also local ones, and of course they all come served in a plastic cup with a plastic straw.  What drives me crazy (as ecogalwaygirl mentioned recently in a rant post), is that people who know they are going to be hanging at said cafe still get their drinks in to-go cups; come on!  Can you at least pretend you give a damn about where that plastic will end up?

Ah!  This is not a rant post!  No, no!  Somehow always manages to creep in…

This is a FIND post!  I have come across a delicious iced coffee drink that you can make zero-waste style all by yourself!  It will only take about five minutes, so do not tell me you do not have the time because it will take you longer to drive to a cafe, order the drink, pay, and wait for the drink to be prepared.

It’s super simples:

  1. freeze some coffee in half of an ice cube tray (okay, this is the only prep part)
  2. put coffee cubes in a blender
  3. add a banana
  4. add 1/4 cup oats
  5. add a tblsp. of ground flaxseed
  6. add a tblsp. of cocoa powder
  7. add a wee bit of cinnamon
  8. add a tsp. or your desired amount of sweetener
  9. add 1 cup of your choice of milk
  10. blend that shit!
  11. put it in your fave glass and drink it!


View original recipe here.

How is this zero-waste, you ask?  Well!  I get my coffee beans in bulk, grind it up in a beautiful Zassenhaus, use a french press, and compost the grounds; no trash there.  I do not bag bananas because…umm…protective peel – magic!  I get my oats, flax, cocoa, cinnamon, and honey all in bulk.  My milk comes in a glass bottle.  I suppose the only trash was the produce sticker from the banana – NOOOOOOOO!

Oh, and it does not come served in a plastic cup or with a plastic straw… because I care, damn it.  I care a lot.

What is your favourite ZW bevy?



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