Too hot.

If you are anything like me and are currently slowly, gently melting into a puddle on the floor, then I feel your pain, for summer is my least favourite season.  We have recently been hit with above 30 Celsius temperatures and not only does it prevent me from going outside (hello – ginger over here), but it makes general existing difficult!  You see, we currently live in quite an old house; the insulation is shit, climate change is all “Hey, sup”, and the windows are large and anything but energy efficient (greenhouse in the summer – deep freeze in the winter).

We do have an air conditioner, but it does not perfectly fit into any window space, makes a lot of noise, drips, and cools only the room in which it sits, noisily, even with a fan in the doorway in attempts to cool the damn house down.  Plus, it, too, is old, and uses up a lot of juice.

The thing about winter: you can always put more layers on.  However, there are only so many layers you can take off in the summer before it gets to be socially inappropriate.

I have been reading up on things to cool down this old house/myself that does not involve moving into a new house.  Here are some things you can try if you are in a similar situation (and let’s be honest, even if some of us exclaim DUH at some of these, let’s not forget about our friend, Common Sense, who frequently vacates the building).

  1. open your windows at night, and board them up during the day like you are preparing for a zombie apocalypse.
  2. wear less clothing around the house!  With your windows boarded up, ain’t nobody gon’ see that anyway.  If you live with a roommate or other non-partner human, maybe you should check with them first…
  3. BBQ more.  Using your stove will add unnecessary heat to the… heat.
  4. hang your laundry up outside or on a rack inside.  Using the dryer will add heat, and if your house is as hot as mine it will probably be faster to line-dry.
  5. change your bedding.  I am going to rid myself of my blanket entirely and just use a cotton sheet.
  6. to board up your windows, use blinds or curtains indoors, and there are also solar panel things you can hang over your windows outside, like bamboo or other material (or an awning if you have the luxury).
  7. utilize your ceiling fans and other fans to keep that air moving.  Make sure your ceiling fan is set to COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, as it blows the cool air down.
  8. keep your lights off; I have these crazy light-bulbs in the bathroom that radiate heat like no light-bulb should.  Hey.  I didn’t build this house.
  9. if you live with a partner, say no to cuddles; body heat in this case – bah!
  10. drink cold drinks.  Don’t mind if I do.

Now I share with you a beautiful umbrella I just bought at Fort Steele Heritage Town; artwork by Sue Coleman, an artist from Vancouver Island.  My brolly broke, and this one I can easily use as a parasol for extra ginger sun protection.  Stay safe in that sun, folks!  She don’t mess around.






  1. All good suggestions. Somebody needs to tell my in-laws about #1. I’ve tried and they don’t listen. 🙂 It gets to be over 100°F here and sometimes the only way to cool down is a cold shower. Our house is also old and the living space is on the second floor. It gets unbearable sometimes.


    • That is a gross kind of hot, especially on the second floor. I was at my grandma’s in Germany last summer, and my room was upstairs. There was basically no point in showering because as soon as you dried off you just started sweating profusely again. There was nowhere to escape it! They built that house themselves in the 50s, so obviously no air conditioning 😛


  2. Carpeting can also amplify the heat in some situations. My family knows all too well what it’s like to live in an old building and carpeting made the home even hotter!

    Aside from drinking cold drinks, I would like to add that making cold dishes or eating cold treats can instantly help, too! 😀 Not a permanent solution, but a great way to help bear with the intense heat!


  3. Great enthusiasm and I enjoy your sense of humour haha. Thanks for the mindful suggestions…some good tips for sure! Hope you are surviving the craziness that is June!


    • Ooooh, just barely, my fellow teacher! Good luck with report cards and the final weeks! Hope to catch up with you soon :). Thanks for reading!


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