ZW Bathroom Alternatives

Because there is always more than one way to solve problem!  If you are or know a teacher, you have probably heard this before.  Students are given multiple strategies for reading, writing, Math, etc.  There are multiple ways of solving all problems, including one of our major global problems: WASTE.  And the carelessness of humans!  Humbug.

I may sound like a broken record, but it is everyone’s responsibility to live a life that is more kind to the planet than harmful.  There are many happy, healthy alternatives to reduce your household waste, like composting, using reusables (i.e. rags or handkerchiefs instead of paper towel and tissues), as well as finding package-free alternatives or DIY options for products you frequently use.

One place that produces a lot of waste is the bathroom (omg – this is a pun!  I LOVE PUNS).  Now, you may not be H-core and have a worm composting toilet, but there are many other things you can do to reduce your trash and harmful plastics in the bathroom.  Ah let ah me ah show you.

This is my shampoo.  Bought at LUSH package-free.  This bar also reduces the amount of washing I have to do; maybe once or twice a week and my hair does not look greasy (bonus: use less water).  If you have thick, long hair, you may also LOATHE shampooing; a tedious, lengthy process that leaves your arms going, “Whyyyyyy…”.  This helps.


This is my conditioner.  Notice the beautiful invisible packaging.  Also purchased at LUSH.  I do not use this bar every time, but when I do… it’s delicious.

This is my DIY lip balm.  It has lasted forever, so no need for plastic store-bought tubes.  Sometimes it will last all day, which is great because this container doesn’t fit in my small purse!  Recipe from Threaded Together.


This is my DIY lotion.  No need for plastic packaging.  Also free of harmful ingredients.  Recipe from oh lardy.


This is my body wash.  As if it even looks like Earth.  Not planned!  Bought at Yahk Soap Company; not all their products are plastic-free, but I was able to find a stack of soap samples without packaging.


This is my facial cleanser bought from Anchor Organics in Invermere.  A lot of her products are plastic-free, and many of her soaps contain no palm oil; it’s nice to find a local business that is conscious of this kind of stuff.


This is my moisturizer (when I need it).  It’s just coconut oil in a jar.


This is my DIY deodorant.  Made with ingredients I already had on hand.  Recipe from Detrash the Millennials.


And, yes, most of them sit in a glass jar because a) I’m not a fan of plastic and try to avoid it wherever possible (do yourself a favour and look into what ingredients and process go into the making of plastic), b) I had these on hand because they were once gifts, and c) they were the perfect size for what I needed them for.

These are only some alternatives; there are so many different options for skin types, etc, and if you take the time to research just a little bit on either plastic-free store-bought options, or ways to make these things yourself, you will find a wealth of information and different ways of doing it.  It is worth looking into and you may find a new favourite.  Just try it!

Whether you are just getting acquainted with zero-waste or plastic-free living, or if you are already at the H-core stage, there are tons of resources out there, especially in our ZW community.  Check out the Zero Waste Bloggers Network to find awesome blogs about all things green and planet-friendly.

Because why not?




  1. Quite useful! Thanks for the share. I’m so lucky that I have refill stores here in the SF area, but I appreciate you sharing all the recipes in the case that I don’t have the time to make it up there!


  2. Good on you. I am now using a shampoo bar and apple cider vinegar rinse as a conditioner, home made deodorant and moisterizer. Didn’t happen overnight, but I am loving the changes so far.


    • For sure; it took me a long time to make deodorant (was scared it wouldn’t last me through a school day), but when I finally tried it – I loved it 🙂


      • Hey Nadine, do you have a contact email address? If not, could you please, if you don’t mind email me via my blog. Wanting to ask you something. Thanks, Olivia


      • Hi Olivia! I would, but I’m not sure how to do that from your page? Could you direct me where I can find your e-mail on your blog?


  3. I think you’ve got a couple years on me when it comes to zero waste, but I definitely want to aspire to this level! I’m still slowly working through my plastic-packaged stuff…I did a bathroom purge and found three rolls of Tom’s deodorant and like TEN Chapsticks…funny how before you’re conscious of all the packaging, you don’t mind having a bunch of extras buried in cabinets and drawers, huh?

    But thanks for sharing! Looking forward to a day when my bathroom looks like this!



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