Life as a Luminous Lemon

Lemons!  Who knew such a little, bright, sunshine lemon could hold so much power in its many, many different uses.  This week I was inspired to make a Lemon Vinegar cleaner after making homemade iced tea; though I’d already posted about natural cleaners, I wanted to go into a little bit more depth into this wondrous little citrus.

Recently I read a post from the Zero Waste Chef about the many uses of citrus peels.  This inspired me to look for uses for my lemon peel after I was finished using the lemon for my beverage.  Why would I chuck the peel straight into the compost if I can still do something with it?  The uses are endless; here are just a few:

10 uses for Lemon Peels:

  • lemon zest for various recipes; can be frozen to use later
  • lemon pepper
  • candied lemon peel
  • keep your brown sugar soft
  • freshen up your fridge or garbage can
  • nail whitener
  • combat nausea
  • lemon sugar scrub
  • polish (I’ve read you can polish chrome, stainless steel, and copper)
  • natural disinfectant cleaner (see below)
Iced tea all set; just add lemon juice and slices, a bit of sugar (or other sweetener), and sometimes I let a stick of cinnamon kick it in there for a bit.

Lemon Vinegar cleaner; as easy as, oh, snap, it’s ready.

Just had one lemon, so I’m making a small batch.  Save them peels!
Fill with white vinegar, seal, and let it hang out for two weeks.  Dilute with half water and you’ve got yourself a kick ass disinfectant cleaner!

When life gives you lemons… squeal with glee and get creative!


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