Natural Home Remedies

The methods of my Oma, who learned from her Oma, were passed on to my mom and dad, and then, naturally, my sister and I.  Though I am grateful for the leaps and bounds society has made in technology and medicine, there are conditions that you can heal all by yourself, with aid from a few helpful ingredients kickin’ it in your house.

Frequently, folks run to the hospital or doctor to get prescribed antibiotics or other medications for their common cold or light flu; such action may not be necessary.  A side note:  The common cold is a virus, which cannot be healed by antibiotics, as these are made to fight infection caused by bacteria (one source explains).

Of course, in certain situations, be it a child with a weak immune system, or persons with other conditions that can make the flu dangerous, it certainly warrants to go to a doctor and get medical care.  However, today I am only referring to our common ailments that you can try and solve all on your own, sans medications, as taught to us by our ancestors; sans packaging as well!

Sore throat

  • honey; in tea, straight up, or in hot water
  • cinnamon ginger drink; recipe here
  • throat compress: wet a cloth with warm water, wrap it around your neck, and then wrap a thin wool scarf around it.  Sleep with this on.
  • gargling salt water
  • chamomile or ginger tea

Nausea (not related to pregnancy)

  • ginger tea (with ginger root or powder)
  • peppermint tea
  • slice a fresh lemon; hold close enough to your face, but so it isn’t overpowering, and inhale.  This is calming to mind and stomach (also try with peppermint oil).
  • “mind over matter”; frequently, nausea is related to stress and anxiety.  Get some fresh air, stretch, take a walk, do some deep breathing, distract yourself.

Headaches (not migraines)

  • drink enough water, or tea, like peppermint
  • peppermint oil (use a brand that can be applied topically, either on forehead and temples, or back of your neck in tension areas)
  • eat some almonds (not recommended for migraines)
  • cold or hot compress (test both, it depends on the individual)
  • yoga; certain poses help alleviate headaches
  • magnesium (can lessen migraines; pumpkin seeds are a good source)

Upset Stomach

  • hot water bottle
  • peppermint tea
  • ACV in warm water with honey (source)
  • ginger
  • chamomile

As with most things in life, preventative measures are a big deal, especially when in connection with common ailments, such as the ones above.  Frequently, our headaches and other ailments can be caused by stress or improper care of ourselves, so give yourself a little love and practice:

  • drinking enough water
  • eating a variety of clean, healthy foods
  • getting plenty of sleep on a regular schedule
  • balancing your work and play life to manage stress
  • factoring exercise into your daily routine
  • getting lots of fresh air and connecting with nature
  • washing your hands and trying to keep your hands consciously away from your face and mouth

It was Day 3 into my experience of my husband’s “Man Cold” (run, ladies….RUN) just before Christmas.  He was miserable despite all of my efforts.

“Is this Day 3 now?”
“You’ll feel better tomorrow.”
“I doubt it.”
“Well, you won’t feel worse, and then you’ll start to get better.”

And, sure enough, I was right.  So if nothing is working for you, just remind yourself that tomorrow you will feel better, or at least you won’t feel worse, and then you’ll know you’re on the path to recovery!

In need of further wisdom!  Please share your own home remedies in the comments!  What has worked for you?

Check out our fellow blogger, Tammy, and her post on ZW Remedies.


    • Thanks for reading! I think it is too easy to reach for those medications; though they do provide symptom relief, it doesn’t really give our body the chance o fight it off alone, naturally, like it is meant to do.


    • Thank you for reading and sharing! I think we sometimes forget about these simple home methods. Do you have any you prefer that aren’t listed?


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    Dear Bangkok community (rest of SEA as well), as we are experiencing quite interesting temperature changes these days, our immune system will certainly suffer from it. While traveling, I found this insightful article about what to do about getting a cold, having a sore throat, etc. Instead of running to the doctor’s office why not try something more natural? Something you understand….


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