October Trash

From October 19-25 it was Waste Reduction Week in Canada.  Since coming back from our trip to Germany I had been doing really well with keeping up with my zero-wasting habits.  Apparently I started the month on a high and then got progressively worse as time went on.  After complaining about my September Trash amount and now seeing this, I don’t feel so bad about September’s!  Then again, this is part of the journey, and if I would be doing everything perfect already, there’d be nothing left to blog about!  Can’t have that…

October Trash amount
October Trash amount

The contents of the jar, moving clockwise from the jar:

  • Broken hair elastic
  • Tab from salt box
  • Wire tag from kale
  • Produce stickers
  • Address sticker from parcel
  • A tiny plastic martini-glass-shaped embellishment
  • Receipts
  • Cheese wrapper
  • Granola bar wrappers
  • Butter wrapper

What I have changed since or could have avoided:
buy salt in bulk now
make my own granola bars. No bake, recipe here.
☑ ask husband nicely to try for deli cheese next time
☑ always spend the time to find produce without stickers
buying less butter; cannot find alternative packaging

As always, things to improve.  On a happy note, I’ve been reading about the Minimalist Game posted by Inge that I may partake in!  Basically, each day of November you get rid of the amount of stuff equal to the date; on Nov 1st, you get rid of one thing, on Nov 2nd you get rid of two, and so on.  I suppose I should get started!  Who else is joining up?


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