Project: Awareness

Recently, on our Zero Waste Bloggers Network page on Facebook, I called out for help regarding a classroom project idea I had…in the shower of all places!

Next week in Canada it is Waste Reduction Week, from October 19th-25th (I really hope one day they will change the name to Zero Waste Week, as this is more of a global term).  I love this week for its awareness possibilities, but how to activate this awareness in students?

This year I am teaching three different subjects at a middle school, one of which is English.  I started thinking about my previous collaboration projects; this is something I tend to do every year with teachers, previous professors, or other colleagues, and it has been nothing but rewarding each time.  Then I thought of my connections through the ZWBN, and thought…well, why don’t I create some kind of project with my students that revolves around WRW and our Zero Waste Bloggers, who are, after all, the experts on said topic!

At this point I have no idea how it will turn out, but I am excited to share this environmental passion with my students, make them aware of WRW and Zero Waste, and also give them a glimpse of the wonderful world that is global communication, which includes the sense of community near and far.

Using the Clean Bin Project documentary, I will introduce the students to WRW, awareness, and zero waste.  We will then, as a class, develop valuable interview questions.  My hope is to pose these questions to the ZWBN volunteers, and they will respond to the kids in a video message answering their question, and telling the students a little bit about themselves.  It would be great to see the students get excited about having their questions answered from people all over the world.

Those are my thoughts, and next week we start!  Wish me luck!

Thank you to the following bloggers for volunteering already:

Bianca @ Waste Free Me
Kara @ Kara goes green
Katelin & Tara @ Paredown
Kathryn @ Going Zero Waste
Cheryl-Anne @ No Harm; No Waste
Pip @ A Refuge for Daffodils
Lauren @ Green With It
Jack @ We Talk Rubbish
Heidi @ The Fallible Warrior
Julien @ Greener Family



  1. Wow! This is awesome. Also, I didn’t realize that next week was Waste Reduction Week until now! I will definitely be introducing the zero waste lifestyle to my Earth Club at school. Good luck!


    • You have an Earth Club at school? That is so great; maybe I should think about coordinating something like that. Good luck during WRW! If you want to volunteer for this project with my Grade 7s, just let me know 🙂 I think it’d be great to hear from someone ‘near’ their own age too.

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  2. Yeah! I just started it this year, mainly after realizing that all of the things we thought were going into the compost at school were actually just being thrown out into the trash 😦 Also I’d definitely be interested in getting involved with your project! Feel free to contact me anytime.


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