September Trash

When I started seeing ‘Zero-Waste Week’ posts popping up on my reader, I thought…well, I must have missed the memo, let’s get this show on the road!  I read through those posts and realized it was based in the U.K..  Though this did not prevent me for joining in, I started Googling (that’s a verb now) for ‘Zero-Waste Week Canada’.  To my dismay, I found very little!  I think it’s great to have initiative challenges, whether it’s one week, two weeks, or one month.  We had a ‘Waste Reduction Week’ here in 2013; I started a challenge with my B. Ed. students and faculty to see who could produce the least amount of waste in a span of two weeks.  It was a positive experience, and it sparked some inspiration for sure!

So the U.K. hit off Zero-Waste Week and I was IN.  I did live there for a year in 2008, so that still counts :).  I have been keeping track and analyzing my trash anyway, so here is my jar trash from September 1-13.

Zero Waste Week (UK) Trash Sept 1-13
Zero Waste Week (UK) Trash Sept 1-13

The contents:

receipts (ruining me!)
dry salt packet (from shoes I bought online that didn’t fit – lesson learned)
two foil tabs: one from a Twinings tea canister and the other…?
MiracleGro Singles from my non-zero waste days a few years ago.  I found this open and spilled in one of my drawers. Non-recyclable foil, and also completely unnecessary for plants; I use compost as my fertilizer now, or dried coffee grounds.
various stickers (also ruining me!) from fruit (blah!), a gifted jar, and a gifted pie dish
plastic tags from gifted towels
Rold Gold pretzel bag.  I previously posted about my ‘Top 3 Challenges’, one being road trips; the pretzels are the result of not planning a sandwich or other lunch.

Looking at this, I’m not sure if I improved from August’s trash amount, but I can see my weaknesses and get more stubborn to changing those habits.  I will accumulate my trash until the end of this week, and then not again until October because I’m off to Germany to get married (what?!).  Hopefully I will be able to continue my habits while I’m overseas, and come back with firing motivation to do even better!

Thanks for the support, all!  This community of Zero-Wasters is so inspiring.



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