Plastic Free July Challenge


This challenge I had heard of before, but for some reason have never joined in!  On July 1st (Happy Canada Day!), I signed up.  Despite my gains in plastic and waste-free living, this is just a good way to get re-energized about it, and also to spread the awareness around; calling it a “challenge” especially can be a great way to get people involved, testing oneself to see if they can make it.  Even if it only inspires one person, that’s wonderful.  However, I think this is getting more and more movement, so I think it won’t stop at one!  I hope you’ve signed up – there are so many resources out there now that will help you find alternatives, or help you connect with others who are doing the same great things.  Like Bea Johnson said, “It’s our responsibility as a citizen.”  True dat!

UPDATE:  Plastic-Free July is a fun way to challenge yourself to stop using single use plastics.  I was happy to know my mom signed up for this when I posted it on Facebook, so that’s one accomplishment right there!  I signed up for the smaller challenge, as it was more difficult for me to go plastic-free at the time because my jaw was wired shut from an injury back in May.  I decided to challenge myself to cut out the four big ones: straws, plastic bags, coffee cups, and plastic bottles.  I thought I would be able to do the whole month without even once using one of these four plastic items.  Unfortunately, I forgot one time in a restaurant to say, “No straw, please,” and my cranberry juice was served with a damn straw.  Otherwise, I completed the challenge well, and continue to challenge myself every day.

Sign up here:


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