Captain Charles Moore’s 10th Voyage to the North Pacific Gyre

Adding this blog from “The Zero-Waste Chef” blog. This is one of those shocking bits I learned from “The Clean Bin Project”, which was one main driving factor for cutting out plastics in my life. It just sickens me that we have done this to our ocean waters and every organism that lives within it, which affects the entire rest of the world’s circle. Thank you for this reminder.  Also, a video from Chris Jordan who documented the plastics effect on the beautiful Albatross birds, who unfortunately can’t tell the difference between small bits of food and small bits of plastic:

The Zero-Waste Chef

Last Tuesday in Berkeley, Clean Water Action hosted an eye-opening event that featured Captain Charles Moore discussing his most recent voyage to the North Pacific Gyre, the largest of the five plastic-trash-swirling vortexes in our oceans. After his talk, a panel comprised of Beth Terry from the blog My Plastic Free Life, Stiv Wilson from The Story of Stuff project and Miriam Gordon, California director of Clean Water Action, presented solutions. I had donated two of my in-person fermentation workshops for a zero-waste raffle which took place at the end of the night.

north pacific gyre

Just some of Captain Moore’s findings:

  • He could not travel without seeing copious amounts of plastic every day.
  • As his vessel drew nearer to the gyre, he saw plastic in the ocean sooner than he ever had on his previous nine trips there.
  • The number of larger plastic pieces has increased. Captain Moore attributed some of this…

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