No straw, please.

Today I am tickled pink about this morning’s purchase of stainless steel straws.  Here’s a poorly kept secret for you: I hate straws!  Having worked in the food serving industry, I know just how many of these bad boys get thrown away daily; it is insane.  My wish for restaurants would be to serve beverages without straws; straws only by request!  That would be a start.  When I order my beverage, I always follow with a, “No straw, please.”  You’d be surprised at how many funny looks I get.  How is this an odd request?  

Unfortunately since breaking my jaw a week ago and having my jaw wired shut, I am now dependant on straws to get my adequate nutrition throughout each day.  Stainless steel straws to the rescue!  This is a six week haul and I couldn’t bear to spend it with those plastic evil doers.  I feel better about my liquid diet already.  They did come in a recyclable package, which I would have rather done without, but I still see this as success.

Happy sippin’!




  1. I get that look too! I think restaurants should stop offering them. I read that drinking from a straw all the time creates those little wrinkles only smokers would get around the upper lip… May convince someone to not take a straw if the environment reason doesn’t work πŸ™‚


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