Kitchen alternatives

Seeking new alternatives to cut down on plastics and packaging in the kitchen has been… a little addicting.  I’m still seeking new ways and looking for different ideas, but this is the start I’ve made so far.

Things I have changed so far to reduce waste and packaging in my kitchen:

  • Compost as much as possible (Google it; you can compost soooo much)
  • Replacing paper towels with rags and dish towels
  • Purchase as many bulk items as possible: coffee, tea, baking supplies, dry pantry items like rice, pasta, beans etc. (purchase jars to put the items in, or just save glass jars from other items)
  • Purchase milk from local farmers in glass bottles (mmmm so good)
  • Reduce meat consumption (or make like Bea and take your glass jars to the butcher!); this was simple for me, since I am mostly vegetarian
  • DIY cooking/baking, like bread, wraps, refried beans, apple sauce, vegetable broth, etc.
  • Using baking soda and vinegar as cleaning supplies

I’m still looking for a recipe to make dish soap; something relatively simple.  Ideas? 🙂


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