It all began…

A few years ago an opportunity presented itself to me: to work with a non-profit environmental organization for the first time.  A friend of mine, who also worked with the organization, approached me with a project she believed I would have interest in, which after some discussion I accepted; this started my “Zero Journey”.  My first inspiration in this new journey was watching a documentary called “The Clean-Bin Project”.  This opened my eyes dramatically to the amount of waste that we create daily; it made me realize what kind of a disposable society we are currently living in and supporting with our consumer habits.  Through this film I learned about the wonderful concept called “zero-waste”, which in my grandparents’ time was just called “daily life”, where nothing was wasted.  Inspiration: check.

I started looking at my own habits.  I looked around my house, my vehicle, even my purse.  There was stuff everywhere!  It is amazing what one household with two individuals and a cat can accumulate after a few years.  I started to think about and research how I could reduce our own household waste.  I had been recycling for years, and although this is a good habit, it still is not the best solution; incredible amounts of resources are used just to recycle one plastic water bottle.  So what was my alternative?  Checking in with my consumer habits.  What were we bringing into our home that was creating garbage or recyclables?  And how could we reduce this?

Throughout my journey even my closest friends have come to me with:  “Do you think you’re going to save the world or something?”  “Don’t you think that’s a bit extreme?”  “Yep, you’re a hippie.”  The list goes on!  All I can say about my new journey is this:  Every part of our world is connected.  I can only change my own habits and how I impact the connection.  I was inspired by one individual in the beginning of my journey that is leading me to a more healthy, creative, and satisfying lifestyle.  My only hope is that I inspire at least one individual along the way..


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